The most important book we've ever published

From the day we first started covering energy here at Casey Research over nine years ago, we've been warning about the rise of a conflict that will determine the fate of millions of Americans (and every other any citizen living in the West).

The Colder War Letter
The struggle between Russia and the US to control the world's energy trade... a fight Marin Katusa, our chief energy investment strategist details in his eye-opening new book, The Colder War.

Marin has spent every day of the past two years researching The Colder War, and he's poured everything into this book, one I'm proud to say is the most important we've ever published here at Casey Research.

You see, while America and the West weren't looking, Vladimir Putin has been orchestrating a takeover of the energy sector.

"The Colder War provides a reversing contrast from the hysterical "Putin is Stalin, Jr., restart the Cold War" message emanating from the neocon think tanks and the mainstream media. Marin Katusa shows the real threat to the American people..."

- Dr. Ron Paul, former US Congressman, founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

He has transformed Russia from crumbling, former Soviet state into an energy powerhouse to become:

alt" ] The second-largest oil exporter in the world, on pace to pass Saudi Arabia very soon;
alt" ] The largest uranium exporter in the world, powering 1 in 10 American homes;
alt" ] The largest natural gas exporter in the world, doling it out with an iron fist, willing to cut off supply and let harsh winters kill thousands to get its way.

Russia is quickly becoming the only source for countries desperate to secure long-term supplies of energy - giving Putin more power, and more leverage, than ever.

Europe, Africa, and China are all dependent on Russian energy. And Putin won't stop until he takes down the only thing standing in his way of turning Russia into a superpower... America.

Inside Marin's book, you'll discover that Putin is working to break the monopoly of the US dollar in the global energy trade. And he's set in motion in an ingenious, yet devastating, plan to do it.

If Putin is successful, he could nuke the US economy and cost the average American dearly.

Before he makes another move, you'll want to discover every detail of his plan and how it will directly affect you in the Colder War.

Friends and colleagues have told me they've sat down and read it in the course of an evening. It's that fascinating and easy to digest.

Once you read it, your view of the world, and the global markets, will change.

You might even want to call your broker the next morning - because the US has never been more vulnerable and the stakes have never been higher...

Preorder your copy of The Colder War and make sure you're among the first to read Marin Katusa's new book.