Amnesty Appeal/E-mail Action: Against any time threatening execution of Hajras bin Saleh bin Muhammad al-Qurey!


This time I want to show the action of Amnesty International, it´s against at all times execution of Hajras Saleh bin Muhammad al-Qurey is, here the text of Amnesty International:

Hajras al-Qurey was not executed on 25 August, as had been expected, but is still at imminent risk of execution.

Hajras bin Saleh bin Muhammad al-Qurey was transferred from his prison cell to a secure location in the Najran General Prison on 22 August. He was scheduled to be executed on 25 August but, without any explanation, his execution was not carried out. He could be executed at any time.

Hajras al-Qurey was sentenced to death on 16 January 2013 by the General Court in Najran. Despite allegations that he had been tortured and given an unfair trial, the sentence was upheld by both an appeal court and the Supreme Court. Hajras al-Qurey and his son Muhammad al-Qurey had been arrested on 7 January 2012 at the al-Khadra border crossing with Yemen, when customs officers suspected them of carrying drugs in their car. Both men were then taken for interrogation and later claimed they had been tortured. Muhammad al-Qurey “confessed” to the crime, and testified that his father had not known that he, Muhammad, was trafficking drugs. He received a 20-year prison sentence. However, the father, Hajras al-Qurey, was sentenced to death. Both men were denied access to lawyers during interrogation.

Here is the Amnesty International Appealaction with Addresses!:

and here the Amnesty International Germany with E-Mailaction and Appealaction with Addresses!:

Please support this action against this death penalty!

Patrick Steinhuber 94496 ORTENBURG, GERMANY