Hidden Viral genes in GMO crops"The entire human r

Hidden Viral genes in GMO crops

"The entire human race are nothing more than fancy lab rats, used primarily for DNA experimentation. On the higher rungs of the controlling layers, there has only ever been one focus, and that is human DNA. As we move down the food chain, the rest of the insiders take their entertainment, preoccupations, and pleasures of the rats, when and where they like. It would be a grand thing to think of your fellow human as something wonderful, something special in the order of things -- but it just ain't so sports fans -- cause we all niggers on the plantation; some uptown, and some downtown, only real difference.

No one, or no-thing, can change what we are -- bred to be slaves -- with most going to their graves and never a thought given to their true status."

Read more: http://independentsciencenews.org/commentaries/regulators-discover-a-hidden-viral-gene-in-commercial-gmo-crops/