Israel Embassy letter - surging US regime Jew-hate crimes

This Israeli Embassy letter references an EU police report file on persistent anti-Semitic hate crimes using the American Wikipedia site, and the involvement in anti-Semitic hate crimes of Google Inc. legal chief David Drummond. That file is found here:

- Jewish Community of Flanders


His Excellency Jacques Revah
Ambassador of Israel to Belgium and Luxembourg
Avenue de l'Observatoire 40, B- 1180 Bruxelles

- Dossier enabling quick return to Israel of Jonathan Pollard - hidden anti-Semite corruption of USA Pollard judiciary, who are attacking Jews more generally

- Anti-Semite Google chief lawyer Drummond defames, hoaxes, censors Jews on Israeli internet, hides acts of US anti-Semite judges, deceiving and harming all Jews

- US judges bribed by anti-Semites - 3 Jews forced to escape USA as refugees
- US judges harass Jews with instant banning, Nazi-fetish book-burning court filings, grotesque Nazi-type crimes of US judges, hidden by Google from search results

- US government backs Insults, threats to Jewish leaders Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz, preparing wider anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish 'dual citizen traitors' as US economy and dollar begin to fail

- US Attorney General Eric Holder takes anti-Semitic pleasures, personally orders continued torment of Pollard, blocks prosecution of terrorist acts against Sachs;

- New threats to Jews, Israelis, from high-level American anti-Semites, developing 'smart way to f-ck up some Jews' by (a) manipulating Jewish leaders (b) leveraging Jewish diversity, more vulnerable Jews are targeted, aided by media defamation

- Extensive anti-Semite hate campaigns conducted by US figures on CIA-Wikipedia, despite Jimmy Wales being Jewish and a personal guest of Shimon Peres

- The USA itself becoming a leading threat to Jews, a clear picture forms:
--- Tormenting Israelis via Pollard;
--- DC-Virginia US judges in anti-Semite hate crimes, banning Jews, inviting book-burning court filings; same judges abusing and tormenting Pollard, Sachs and others, same judges also held the Rosen-Weissman AIPAC 'test' witch hunt;
--- US political figures admit fake 'supporting Israel' as only a tactic;
--- Highly-connected US intelligence and military pundits call for massive anti-Jewish asset seizures, 'trials' in a US near future, the 1920s-30s Germany playbook.

Your Excellency,

With this document you have in your hands the tools to quickly end the torment of Jonathan Pollard and the millions of Israelis eager to see him in freedom in Israel. And you also have an important insight into crimes and dangerous threats against Israelis and Jews, coming from highly-placed anti-Semites inside the USA.

As you will clearly understand - and as Abraham Foxman admitted he finally realised - the arbitrary prolonging of Mr Pollard's imprisonment, and the abuse of judicial process against him, is an anti-Semitic hate crime. But this goes much deeper.

The abuse of Mr Pollard is part of a wide-ranging pattern of anti-Semitic hate crimes against Jews by US judges, and specifically judges in that Virginia-Washington-DC region, crimes backed by high-level US anti-Semites who pretend to 'support Israel' while actually having neo-Nazi and Jew-hating fetishes, which they are enacting.

Those crimes are so egregious that those US judges of Virginia-DC, have even been inviting and welcoming US federal court filings demanding Nazi-style book-burnings of a Jew's books, just to torment Jews related to Shoah victims.

A leader of these anti-Jewish hate crimes in the world, is anti-Semitic chief lawyer of Google Inc. legal department, David Drummond, active participant in US judge bribery, taking great pleasure in illegally censoring the internet in Israel and elsewhere, Drummond hiding court filings and key documents that can help free Pollard, among other matters of vital interest to Israelis and to global Jewry.

Anti-Semite Google lawyer Drummond also takes joy in spreading tens of thousands of words of lies about Jews, using fake and anonymous names, making such lies #1 in Google search results, while blocking Jewish victims from replying to such lies, and erasing websites of Jewish victims from search, while the perverse Drummond enjoys giving full assistance to anti-Semites and child-violators.

The Pollard case must be seen in terms of 3 Jews, all recently forced to become political refugees from the United States, all of us victims of the hate crimes of US judges, harassing us Jews to the point of threats of terrorist murder, just because we are being our Jewish selves. Julian Heicklin and Joseph Zernick have been forced to flee the USA to Israel, and I have taken my refuge in Benelux, and benefited from the kind intervention of an associate of the House of the King of the Belgians, against the anti-Semitic Americans who threatened my death.

It is painful for Israel and for Jewish leadership, to confront that there is major anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews, coming from those involved in the highest levels of the US political apparatus, and in fact directly among those whom you imagine are 'Friends of Israel'. - But this is not only reality, it is also a growing threat to Jews, as US intelligence and military assets prepare to engage in attacks on Jews and Israeli-US 'dual-citizen traitors' on a much larger scale, preparing a USA 'Kristallnacht'.

Well-connected US military and intelligence figures are openly announcing their anti-Semitic hate crime plans on 'alternative' websites, and what they hope will be, in the near future, a significant US anti-Jewish pogrom, blaming 'the Jews' for America's economic and foreign policy failures. They already claim many adherents in high US positions, quietly ready to quickly turn against Jews when time is ripe.

Israel and Jewish leadership are too complacent over current favourable access to US media and political figures. Many US politicians standing to applaud Prime Minister Netanyahu, have knives underneath their cloaks, ready to attack Jewry as a scapegoat for America's downfalls, as soon as political winds have shifted.

There are significant 'trial runs' of attacks on Jews, funded by anti-Semites among America's elite, making use of the American judges' mafia, consciously (and laughingly) selecting certain vulnerable Jews for anti-Semitic campaigns, while engaging in manipulation of American Jewish leadership.

The abuse of Pollard, of myself, on the American Jews who took refuge in Israel, the Steven Rosen / Keith Weissman AIPAC witch hunt (also with the Pollard judges!) of a few years ago, are all examples of these anti-Semitic 'trial run' hate crimes, carried out, in typical US fashion 'under colour of law', via the bribery-corrupted US judges and aided by Google's anti-Semitic legal chief hoaxing the global internet.

Yet, it is clearly painful for Israel and for Jewish leadership, to confront how the attacks on more vulnerable Jews who are targeted with anti-Semitic hate crimes by America's elite, is the beginning of what will be a comprehensive attack that can, actually nearly overnight, quite devastate the US Jewish community, given the US elite's judicial bribery and global propaganda tools. Bribed US judges are ready, in one stealth-planned Kristallnacht, to overnight execute asset freezes of major Jewish organisations and leaders preparatory to 'trials', and Google's anti-Semitic legal chief is eager and ready to harm Jews on the largest scale possible, already implementing global censorship to block Jews from replying to lies against them.

The United States Justice Department chief, Eric Holder, is another hidden anti-Semite at high levels of the US regime. Holder is not only personally authorising the continued imprisonment of Pollard as an anti-Semitic pleasure for himself and others, Holder is quite the international criminal in blocking prosecution of the ongoing criminal and terrorist acts against myself.

Holder has authorised a continuing Department of Justice letter, handed to US anti-Semitic criminals who threatened to kill me, Holder promising that they will not be investigated or prosecuted, for any of their anti-Semitic terrorist acts!

The crimes against me - well-described in an article, 'US Justice Sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent' - took place with bribery of 3 American judges including 2 federal judges in the Pollard region, among them the Hitler-admiring 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game,' and involve numerous clear felonies with 'smoking-gun' evidence of perjury, extortion, court fraud and other crimes, along with deeply offensive neo-Nazi acts such as the court filings demanding book-burning of a Jew's books. The threats to murder me - openly discussed in a Virginia USA court transcript - were partly made by a neo-Nazi from Germany, Tim Schulte, with a fake 'freedom foundation', Schulte sponsored and protected by US neo-Nazi judges.

Because I escaped to Europe and became a significant journalist about neo-Nazi crimes of the US elite - Jews and others have said I helped save their lives with my journalism, before Google anti-Semite lawyers began blocking me - because of my success in that journalism, continued anti-Semitic and terrorist acts are continued against me. Google's neo-Nazi Drummond blocks all my websites and evidence about anti-Semitic crimes from search results, in an overall criminal scheme run out of Boston USA by Joan Lukey of the Ropes Gray / WilmerHale law firms, who have unlimited anti-Semitic hate crime funds supplied by Britain's Pearson plc company.

Lies placed on the internet through bribed anti-Semite media figures, are so glaringly false that it was viewed absolutely necessary that Google erase the truth from the internet. For example, there was US federal court perjury that I, the refugee Polish Jew in Belgium, had been sneaking back into the USA, magically evading US Homeland Security, and 'stalking' a friend of George Bush near her house, before returning to Belgium! Anti-Semites at the UK Guardian and New York Times took bribes to publish this absurdity, while Google blocked any reply by me.

USA Boston Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz sees in her Justice Department files the clear nature of the criminal and anti-Semitic terrorist acts being conducted out of Boston - involving the bribery and corruption of the Pollard region judges - but Ortiz is blocked from prosecuting by her boss, anti-Semite Attorney General Eric Holder.

Brave individuals from the US, have risked their lives to provide me with recordings and information about the US anti-Semitic and terrorist acts against me. The mentally-disturbed psychopath and friend of the Bush family, in whose name the attacks on me are conducted, has often walked around boasting of her pleasure in "slandering a Jew f-cker all over the f-cking world", how she bribed 3 American judges, how she enjoys committing perjury in US federal courts before judges she is bribing, how "Of course I threatened to kill the Jew f-cker, of course I threatened to burn the Jew f-cker's books." She laughs about her sexual relationships with Jewish lesbians who have prostituted to her, as "perfect cover" for her crimes to kill a Jew.

In the course of these recorded statements, where the anti-Semite psychopath describes the criminal scheme supervised by US neo-Nazi lawyer Joan Lukey of the Boston Ropes Gray law firm, she describes a scheme of manipulating American Jewish leaders, how her lawyers have been implementing the "smart way to f-ck up some Jews," because "Everybody loves to kick some Jew in the head when they know they can get away with it."

One method is to select a Jewish target who is "some little piece of sh-t Jew", i.e., less likely to be protected by Jewish leadership. Pollard's spy involvements are one such vulnerability, making him a ready target for anti-Semitic sadism. Other vulnerable Jews include those of us Jews who grew up in a Nazarene household and take some time before shaking off Nazarene affiliation; those of us sympathetic to the ultra-Orthodox non-Zionist position, even though we recognise that the UN legitimately created Israel and that Israelis have been under existential threat; we Jews who are social / political / justice advocates; and any other 'marginal' Jew, whom it is felt that Jewish leaders will 'sacrifice' and allow to be destroyed, for the sake of good relations with American political leadership.

Another aspect of the scheme of manipulation of Israel and Jewish leaders, is pretending to support Israel. As my psychopath attacker was recorded saying, "All I have to do is pretend to support all their criminal Zionist bullsh-t, and all those old Jew f-ckers like Abe Foxman will never do anything but l-ck my c-nt." It is also described how donations to Jewish groups, by millionaires for whom the money is insignificant, will distract Jewish leaders and help cover for murdering Jews.

For the neo-Nazi fetish psychopath and her group, there was no doubt that Jewish leaders will acquiesce in any attacks or destruction of Jews carried out through judge bribery ... and that even highly-placed US Jews are already in fear of those bribed US judges: "There's not ever gonna be any Alan Dershowitz who is gonna f-ck with me. Alan Dershowitz tries to f-ck with me, my little legal c-nt Joan Lukey will rip him a new assh-le ... Bribed American judges, motherf-cker!"

A key part of the attacks on me and Google lawyer Drummond's anti-Jewish hate crimes, was a continuing set of lies about me placed on the CIA's Wikipedia site, led by anti-Semite Australian David Gerard, the Wikimedia chief in London, which is also the home of Pearson plc, the British publishing company, providing the millions in bribes and funding for all the attacks against me.

Attached, is a copy of my report to European police agencies and governments, describing the anti-Semitic hate crimes against me on Wikipedia, which is now facing prosecution and legal actions over its fundraising fraud.

Israel and Jewish leaders should note how extensively Wikipedia is being used in American attacks on Jews, despite how Wikipedia's chief Jimmy Wales is himself a Jew and was a guest at birthday celebration with Israel's President Shimon Peres. Wales is, however, more loyal to the CIA and US political families, than he is to Jews or Israel, and Wales has joined Google in supporting attacks on Jews and censoring and hoaxing the internet inside Israel.

It is a great tragedy that vicious neo-Nazi attacks on Jews, are being abetted by a few corrupt Jews betraying their traditions, including American Jewish lawyers and judges, and Jewish media figures like Jimmy Wales, or the UK Jewish woman who does not deny taking thousands in Pearson bribes to plant lies about me in the Guardian.

It is time for Israeli and Jewish leadership to look beneath the surface of 'US support for Israel' among US politicians and media. Just beneath that surface:
- Major, grotesque, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic actions against Jews have already begun, using the bribed US judges and corrupt US justice system as a weapon, making neo-Nazi crimes 'legal' for US anti-Semites;
- Highly-connected US military and intelligence figures are already publicly calling for a Kristallnacht-like anti-Jewish pogrom of 'dual citizen Zionist traitors', who are to be held responsible for nearly all of US economic decline and foreign policy failings; and
- Well-connected anti-Semites, supplying millions to US top political families, are already engaged in a laughing new 'smart way' to destroy Jews, by manipulation of Jewish leaders, and targeting more vulnerable Jewish victims, as a way to enjoy their fetishes of neo-Nazi Jew hatred.

As the attacks on myself show, the same US psychopaths who violate bodies of children, tend to be fierce in enjoying neo-Nazi fetish crimes of attacking Jews.

In my struggle to survive the anti-Semitic attacks against me, and give due honour to my Polish-Jewish relations and ancestors, because I am attacked by figures of the US elite, I have received my main help from Gentiles and from brave Jews of the 'Jewish underground' rather than Jewish leadership. I fully realise that Israel and Jewish leaders, are fearful to confront the horrors of anti-Semitism amongst the US core elite, and America's bribed judges - hitherto 'taboo' topics, which must be faced.

It can be life-and-death for Israelis and Jews in general, not to mention instant benefit to Mr Pollard and many others, for Israel and Jewish leadership to confront, before it is too late, this growing anti-Semitic beast in America.

This must be done, before the tables are quickly turned in America, before the bribed US judges about whom Jewish leaders are silent, suddenly implement the American Kristallnacht, and a giant pogrom against 'dual citizen Jewish traitors' who, just like in 1933 Germany, are to be scapegoated for economic collapse and much more. Jews will wake up one morning with assets frozen and means of defence stolen, and this Kristallnacht will be co-implemented by Google and its anti-Semite chief lawyer, already extensively practiced in lying about Jews and blocking Jewish replies, even in Israel.

For a good start, Israel could bring charges against Google and its legal chief David Drummond, for his illegal malicious censoring of internet searches in Israel, spreading many lies to destroy a Jew using fake and anonymous names, but banning and blocking a Jew from replying.

Here in Belgium I have a senior lawyer, M. Georges-Henri Beauthier, a Gentile brave and righteous enough to act for a slandered Jew not assisted by Jewish leaders, who is bringing action against the anti-Semite criminals of Google in the Belgian courts.

To release Mr Pollard from his arbitrary incarceration, and in order to help defang and defuse the anti-Jewish bribed-judge pogroms of the future - US Jewish leaders and lawyers should assemble in a block, to confront the anti-Semitic corruption of the Pollard region judges, and the whole web of anti-Jewish hate crimes they have sponsored, along with institutional anti-Semites like US Attorney General Eric Holder, protecting the psychopaths of top US political families.

Despite the pain for Israel and Jewish leaders, to confront neo-Nazi fetish hate crimes of a close friend of the Bush family - the fact is, if these crimes are not faced now, the US neo-Nazis will only be emboldened to carry out an American Kristallnacht, and US Jewish leadership itself will find itself with its assets gone, its means of self-defence destroyed, and 'slandered all over the internet' without ability to respond to US gangsters - quite as I myself have been suffering.

For Israelis, it is a great mistake to assume a future 'backed' by a declining USA, whose elites are increasingly enamoured of neo-Nazi fantasies. Security for Israelis, more likely lies in overcoming the tragic Israeli-Arab history, in boldly pursuing empathy and peace with fellow citizens and neighbours, and in non-US international partnerships.

But perhaps it will only be after I am dead, some months from now, that Jewish leadership will take to heart the facts and truths above. In any case I will die a Jew in service to Ha-Shem, a Jew who fought in the spirit of my fellow Jews of resistance - Jews with those brave faces as I documented, the Jewish martyrs like the Livchitz Brothers at the Enclos des Fusillés - Ereperk der Gefusilleerden.


Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs

- Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;

- Polish and EU citizen and Jew, with heritage of the Warsaw uprising; leading photo chronicler of Belgian Jewish martyrs of Ereperk der Gefusilleerden - Enclos des Fusillés;

- Target of American anti-Semites and threats of terrorist murder, perhaps soon dead;

- Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and media campaigns to attack Jews, author of articles now 'erased', with websites illegally blocked by anti-Semite lawyers of CIA-Google, while continuously defamed by anti-Semites on CIA's Wikipedia;

- Reporter to EU police agencies and governments on anti-Semite internet crimes;

- Author, 'America's Corrupt Legal System - A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents'; Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation'; 'Americans Murdering Their Judges, and US Crisis of Judicial Corruption';

- Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States, facing down anti-Semite terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cowered in fear;

- Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty; former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher