Can You Keep Up with a Billionaire?

Olivier Garret here. Today I’m stepping in for Marin to write an article he would never write himself—and you’ll soon understand why.

During the course of my career, I’ve met and worked with many exceptionally successful business people and entrepreneurs—even a few billionaires. Over the years, I’ve noticed certain traits these people shared:

  • All were exceptionally bright and talented
  • All were extremely driven and refused to believe anything impossible
  • All worked harder than those around them
  • All knew, in spite of their talents, to surround themselves with loyal people possessing the skills they themselves lacked; and
  • All worked with a great mentor early in their career.

This last point is really the purpose of my letter today, as I’m about to offer a talented individual the opportunity to work side-by-side with exactly the kind of leader I have described. In fact, if my own children were contemplating business careers, I would actively encourage them to pursue this opportunity. Here’s why:

Imagine starting your own career 25 years ago side-by-side with Frank Giustra, Robert Friedland, or Rick Rule—or 40 years ago with Warren Buffett! It would have certainly been the most rewarding first job one could envision. Being in a room with one of those emerging titans, involved in their negotiations and business deals on a daily basis. Sharing in the thrill of their successes and learning from their failures—learning that when faced with setbacks, the only way to win is to get back up and try again.

Of course, it takes a unique person to drive in the fast lane with one of these superstars. They have zero patience for mediocrity or excuses. But while they may be impatient—even downright difficult at times—they’re also loyal to those who live up to their expectations. For the right person, they will provide the keys to an amazing career.

Why am I telling you this now? Because we’re currently searching for someone to work with one of our superstars—Marin Katusa.

Marin is one of those exceptional individuals I describe above. Almost eight years ago, he came to Casey Research with a proposition. He wanted to work with us, and he proposed doing so for free. He didn’t want any compensation until he created real value for our company.

It’s hard to ignore a pitch like that. And create value he did! Within a year, Marin was heading our energy division and shortly after was managing our first private fund. Since then we’ve launched three other funds in partnership with Marin, all of which have defied gravity in a challenging resource market.

Over the last seven years, Marin’s brilliance and hard work have earned him a well-deserved reputation in our sector, granting him access to the best deals and people in the business. No, he isn’t a billionaire… yet. But I have no doubt he’ll get there.

Marin has faced a few setbacks, but he always recovers and learns from the experience. Like everyone, he’s made a few bad calls. But unlike most, he can be credited with many exceptionally good calls:

  • As director of Copper Mountain, Marin helped build the third-largest copper mine in Canada; going from an idea to a producing mine in less than five years.
  • He was also instrumental in the successes of Cuadrilla and Africa Oil, two of the largest success stories in the energy sector over the last five years. Both are now billion-dollar companies.

Why are we looking for Marin’s next protégé? Marin operates in Vancouver with a very small team of incredibly talented analysts. We need another pair of hands to fill an important new role. We’re looking for a highly motivated and talented writer to lighten Marin’s load, so he can continue to find more deals for our subscribers.

What are we looking for? The main requirements for this position are a natural writing talent, outstanding work ethic, and an ability to learn quickly. In fact, these qualities are more important to us than prior experience. And just to warn you: Marin works insane hours and at a pace most of us can only dream of attaining.

Let me go back to my introduction. As someone who knows and admires Marin, I believe that this is a unique opportunity for someone who wants to excel and learn from the best. Someone who aspires to reap the financial rewards that will inevitably result from being associated with an emerging industry titan.

If you know any talented writers with high aspirations and the drive to excel, Marin and I would like to know them, too. They should send us what they feel will make us want to meet them: a letter, résumé, and any articles or stories that showcase the writer’s talents. The address is:

Maybe someone you know will get the chance to learn from one of the best young titans I know—to have a mentor whom I would choose for one of my own children. I truly believe that if he or she can keep up with Marin, the lucky person we select will have one of the brightest futures imaginable.

With that, I’d like to thank you for being a Casey Research subscriber.