Video: MH370 Film Released In Cannes (HD Trailer) - The Untold Story

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The search for the MH370 flight continues in the southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia

Mystery solved ? MH370 outrageous movie trailer for The Vanishing Act board and hints AFFAIR promises to reveal the " untold story " behind the disappearance tickets.

The Vanishing Act says "untold story" behind the disappearance of flight.

The 90 - second trailer casts suspicion on passengers and crew. Associate Director denies parallels between the film and the disaster in real life.

Information for the film comes from the theory of a Malaysian journalist.

A new trailer for a movie about missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has hit the internet just 10 weeks after the plane disappeared .

Rupesh Paul Productions promotes The Vanishing Act trailer in the Cannes Film Festival for potential investors on Saturday .

It could be in theaters in a few months and filming is expected to take place for 35 days and have more than 200 players.
Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur flying to Beijing when contact with air traffic control was lost on March 8 . He carried 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 14 different countries .

As the search continues for the missing plane , movie poster of the film purports to tell the " untold story " behind the flight , reports condemned.

But the associate director of Vanishing Act Sritama Dutta said the only similarity between the film and the disaster was involving a missing plane.

The 90 - second trailer casts suspicion on a number of the passengers and crew on board.

MAS stewardess male could have been responsible for the tragedy that killed 239 people suggests .

In one scene a male flight attendant is plagued by jealousy when he spies a stolen kiss between a flight attendant and another female co-worker - one of them , presumably , his love interest .
In another, a creepy passenger in a blue shirt is looking towards the camera with a menacing look on his face.

As the voltage increases, cropped crew being thrown around , scenes passengers looking terrified , kiss passionate farewell between two flight attendants and a weapon that the game is loaded along a score generic suspense.

Rupesh Paul, the man behind the production company, wrote the script in 20 days based on the theory of a Malaysian journalist about what happened .

The journalist is one of the investors of the movie and want to remain anonymous for now.

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