U.F.O Incident Sparks A wave of Hundreds of Emergency Calls - Lake Michigan UFO Phenomenon

Really interesting case from Holland, Michigan where 'panicked' citizens flooded 911 operators with UFO reports from around Lake Michigan and police officers who were dispatched to investigate also witnessed the objects - the case also made international news due to the National Weather Service Radar Station picking up very strange radar returns in the same area (and at the same time) as the UFOs were being witnessed.

residents of Southwest Michigan began seeing strange things in the skies over Lake Michigan to the south of Holland. Blue, white, red, and green lights, sometimes attached to cylindrical objects, and sometimes performing unusual maneuvers, were reported.

911 operators began receiving calls at around 9:30 p.m. about something that looked like "a string of Christmas lights way up in the sky." It wasn't just a few people reporting these things; it was counties all up and down Lake Michigan. Some sources said 300 witnesses, including several police officers, saw the lights.

There were so many reports that one of the Ottawa County 911 operators decided to call the National Weather Service radar operator at Muskegon. The conversations that 911 had with the NWS operator were taped and later made their way into the media. The radar operator's voice could be heard describing abrupt movements of the object and multiple objects appearing on the radar screen..

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