Bang Tao Beach braucht DEINE Hilfe... Bilder nach Tsunami, Phuket

Bang Tao Beach bei Phuket - ein herrliches Fleckchen - wurde fast ganz zerstört. Nun arbeiten Touristen und Einheimische gemeinsam am Wiederaufbau. Ein andere Art, "Urlaub" zu machen.


A humanitarian team has been created to directly participate in the recovery of the BANG TAO community, a small beach community on Phuket Island, just north of Patong, and 10 miles south of the Phuket airport.

This community has approximately 100 local families and 50 small and medium size businesses. While minimal people died from the tidal wave, homes were destroyed, shops and business facilities ruined, and the primary businesses of tourism and fishing halted.

The project is being led by Michael Cegielski, managing director of Office Xpress, specializing in business development.

The team consist of local volunteers, administrative staff, and international volunteers, flying here specifically to participate in this project.

We are seeking financial support for the following items.

Support affected families with basic needs.

Rebuild homes and restore normal operations/functions.

Rebuild shops and facilities for small-and medium -size businesses.

Participate in business restoration/operations.
An initial estimate for this project is $1 million USD.

We hope to complete the bulk of the restoration work in January.

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