Herbert L Stivers

How Reich Marshall Escaped The Gallows...The True Story by Herbert L Stivers US Army Honor Guard 1945-1946

US Army Honor Guard comes forward after 60 years to tell how at 19 years old he delivered the Cyanide to Nazi Reich Marshall Hermann Goering

Herbert Lee Stivers a then 19 year old chosen as a US Army Honor Guard who guarded all 21 condemned Nazis at "The Infamous Nuremberg War Crimes Trials" 1945-1946 came forward and told The Los Angeles Times that he was the one who delivered the cyanide poison to Top Nazi under Hitler, Reich Marshall Hermann Goering as he was used as a young instrument to get the poison in to the prison via inside a Schaeffer Fountain Pen. They were big fountain pens back then that had a plunger inside that had been removed by Nazis outside the prison to use me to deliver messages to and from the top Nazi Goering who was sentenced to death by hanging. They initially used a pretty dark haired girl who called herself Mona to lure me in to this by flirting with me one day outside of the prison and had ask me if I could get her the Nazis autograph. I told her of course I can get it. After I gave it to her she wanted to keep seeing me and one day asked me if I would go with her to meet two friends of hers who were also friends with Goering? I was apprehensive but I went with her and we would meet at different places. She told me their names were Erich and Matthias, they were speaking German so I didn't know what they were talking about. Hermann Goering and I talked about baseball, we talked about Charles Lindberg because Goering was an Ace German Pilot. I would even sneak candy to him. It was pretty easy. I could have taken a AK-47 to him had I wanted to do such a thing. I was young and na├»ve as this man who was very wise and manipulated me with his fatherly like charm lead me to believe he was sick and in need of medicine that they would not give to him in the prison.  I came from the hills of a very small place in Kentucky and I was taught to love and give, especially to one who was sick. I knew also they were our enemies and evil men but some how he was able to talk me in to what I was doing. He didn't seem like a man who had done the crimes he was accused of. It was just so hard for me to believe after our talks. I am now 87 years old and this international piece of history still haunts me and seems like yesterday. I just want the world to know the truth as to how the cyanide poison was delivered to him because I did it and I know that no one else deceased or alive did it. I have nothing to gain from this. I am ready to meet my Savior soon and all I wanted to do was get this off my chest once more. I had never read any stories on this before I told this to the world. I had never known that there were lies written years ago speculating as to how the cyanide was delivered to him because I just never thought about that. All I know is I did it, I delivered it to him, it was his choice to commit suicide with it and I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me as I tell this once more. After the cyanide was delivered to him at my hand I never saw Mona again. It seemed as if she had just vanished. She spoke fluent English as well as fluent German so I did realize that I was just used by her to find a guard that she trusted for only one reason and one reason only and that was to get the cyanide to Goering so he could basically slap the 4 powers in the face as he escaped the gallows. What very few know is that Hermann Goering was taken out after he committed suicide and was hanged anyway. I had a friend who had the blood stained gloves from the hanging but he had log passed away so I don't know where they are. I also had a 21 of the condemned Nazis autographs in my baggage as I was returning home from WWll on the ship The Aquitania which sailed the same time a the Queen Mary. My Army duffle bag was stolen on that ship along with all of the autographs. I reported it but it was never found. And that's the honest to God truth. I was a gunner on the front lines in that was and saw many of my buddies killed right in front of me. It tormented me my entire life. They were wonderful young US Army soldiers. I was awarded The Bronze Star, The Combat Infantry Badge along with many other WWll medals. I have them here with me. If anyone cares to contact me you may at


0r 760-490-7090

WWll US Army Private Herbert Lee Stivers