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Poland lacking confidence in Iran wants more money for anti-missile system

The summer of 2015, despite the increasing ISIS threat, may well come into history as the time of a real breakthrough in ensuring international security. The success of the long negotiating process on Iranian nuclear program is likely to be highlighted in textbooks as one of the major events of the last 10 years able to turn the tide in the international situation.

Strangely as it may seem, not all the countries hail the decision to lift sanctions on Teheran, which agreed to removal of 98% of the enriched uranium in its possession. The anxiety of Israel confronting Iran over years is quite understandable, while the reaction of some Eastern-European states’ leaders sharply rejecting the agreement with Iran appears quite perplexing at first sight.

The Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Tomasz Siemoniak in his letter to Eric Rubin (assistant of a well-known politician Victoria Nuland) voices his worry over the possibility of curtailing the anti-missile program by the USA following the agreement with Iran.

Citing some not widely known and biased, by definition, Israeli secret services’ data on still existing Iranian threat, the Polish side insists that the anti-missile system must be deployed in Europe. Needless to say, for Warsaw this is a source of regular financial fed-up allowing Polish ruling elite live quite a wealthy life.

On top of that, Siemoniak comes up with an idea of nearly doubling the financial footage of the anti-missile program in Poland, employing for the purpose some already tested non-public channels!satisfied_mr_greedy

Many leaders of countries of Eastern Europe stick to the same tone when dealing with their overseas colleagues. They believe that Washington owes them something, which makes it obliged to render new preferences to them. This approach has proved to be rather fruitful so far. The USA authorities have already made it known that they’ll keep constructing European segment of anti-missile system despite the nuclear agreements with Iran.

In fact, international stability is being sacrificed to selfish interests of politicians from Eastern Europe who are actually after getting ‘easy’ money for absolutely useless anti-missile system. In order to get this money they are doing their best to discredit the country that international community has just managed to patch up its relations with.