Prag - Stadt von bezaubernder Schönheit (englisch)

Prague is a city of stunning physical beauty. While the capitals of other Eastern European nations were flattened or heavily damaged during World War II, Prague survived intact.

Gothic and baroque spires, art-nouveau facades and even cubist structures combine in a pattern that is distinctly Czech, despite long periods of domination by Saxons, Swedes, Germans and Russians. At one time the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and at another the citadel of the Hapsburgs, Prague sustains a reputation as a vital, political, cultural and economic center. Prague's rich cultural tradition is acknowledged by the European Union in naming it, along with eight other European cities, a City of Culture for 2000.

Oli and I visited this great, amazing city over a sunny weekend in September. We traveled by train (just a 5-hour ride from Vienna) and stayed 3 days at a cheap hostel ("Kolej Jednota") near Wenceslas Square.

The center of Prague is basically one big landmark, monument, and historic site, spread across the oldest part of the city, which is divided into four quarters:

The Old Town (Staré Mesto)
The Lesser Town (Malá Strana)
The Castle District (Hradcany)
The New Town (Nove Mesto)
Although public transportation (especially underground and tram) in Prague is cheap and reliable, I suggest discovering Prague by foot.

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