The beginning of the real democracy or how to empower our children

The beginning of the real democracy or
how to empower our children

by Artur P. Schmidt and Rajinder Jhol

Worshipping the Phallus State

One of this symbols  today is the phallus, the symbol of a penis with erection which is associated with male orgasms. The worshipping of money and wars, expressed by permanent wars initiated from bankers and politicians is nothing else as worshipping the phallus state, a state that prefers war over peace proven by all the unnecessary wars of the United States of America in the timeframe after the 2. World War to now. Whereas women represent the tree of life like Eywa in the movie avatar, men stand for sex and scandals and even the catholic church has a tradition in misusing children sexually. The phallus state is a totalitarian state because he violates the rights of woman all over the planet even in so-called modern democracies. The symbol of the “fasces” which was the ancient Roman symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate, represents nothing else like an erected penis. The latin word fascinum means penis when translated. Even in the American Congress in the Capitol and in the flag of the Congress we we can see today the “fasces” which shows that the USA wants to stay in the tradition of the roman empire. During the third and second centuries B.C., with the influx of Greek the phallus symbol was introduced to  Romanized Italy. The Roman Empire admired the phallus symbol in form of flying phalluses, she-wolves, prostitutes, the god Mars and divine oracles. The cult of the erect phallus and sexual dynamism of the Romans can be seen today in “Skyscraper Megatowns”, and pornographic “Sex and the City” socities. Hugh Buildings  like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 m), the Makkah Clock Royal Tower (601 m) the Freedom Tower in New York (541 m), the Taipei 101 (509 m) or the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m) are the postmodern phallus symbols of today.

Eywa can overcome the phallus

In today’s world we have learned one lesson, there is no truth anymore. Our societies have turned into big manipulation machines of the masses. So we have only one opportunity left: to stop this process right away by designing a new constitution and destroy the phallus symbols of fraud. This symbols also stand for the supression of woman all over the world dominated by men. Therefore it was especially remarkable how determined women stood up in India lately when a child was raped. India, that wants to become a leading society of the knowledge age, is still worshipping Shiva in the form of the Lingam, or the phallus. But if India wants to be on the leading edge of the world in the 21st century, Indian woman have to take over the lead from the phallus fetishists that dominate this country since centuries. But the role model of the future is not the phallus it is the tree. Overcoming the status of degenerating moral standards needs a female source like Eywa in the movie avatar which keeps the ecosystem of our Pandora called Earth in perfect equilibrium. For healing our Blue Planet we have to position females, especially mothers and our children in the central role of future leadership, moral authority and control of property, not as dominators of men like in the matriarchy but as equal partners for determining the future of our planet. The way to achieve a new form of partnership between woman from the Venus and men from the Mars needs a new form of democracy in all organizations and human networks. It is the direct democratic approach that has to be established as a grassroot movement all over the planet.

Awaking the “Sleeping Beauty”

The virus of direct democracy will be spread over the internet in light speed when people realize the power behind the concept of participation instead of depowering the masses. Collective intelligence can only awake its “Sleeping Beauty” Status if we free ourselves from the boundaries of politics, if we end politics like it is practiced today. The rules of the game have to be rewritten because fraud of bankers, fraud of managers and fraud of politicians are the trinity of evil that erode freedom, equality and liberty. We have failed in the last years to empower investors, employees and citizens with tools that give them the ability to create value, growth and wealth by themselves instead of being expropriated, exploited and controlled by a system called socialism that is worse than the communism ever was. The system of not healing a sick patient but instead giving him drugs and alcohol to prolong his delirium is the manifestation of societies reigned by the phallus symbol and “Rumpelstilzchen” leaders. Flat taxes, allowing to deflate and avoiding bailouts would lead to a real economic recovery but instead we have chosen the new bubble way to overcome the old bubble. We all know that phallus societies sooner or later collapse but when they collapse a massive eruption occurs and the phallus economy crashes in a big bang.

Politics must be a mediator for change

The time has come to finally overcome the censorship of the phallus state. Never in the history of mankind humanity could be established with our fingertips. Today this is possible by pressing the button of representation through internet-based direct democracies otherwise our demos will get crazy which flashmobs have proven frequently in the last years. The main role of a government in the future is not to govern anymore but to promote the process of establishing direct democracies. The government must act as a moderator of a direct decision making by the citizens. The upcoming 4th wave of an eco-biological society will be a society that establishes new role models for the 21st century and beyond. Let us consider a total new society just designed to promote freedom, equality and liberty and let’s name this new society the Mars Society, because our neighbor planet seems to be the only habitable planet to overcome our twister economies that will blow us away if we don’t stand up right now. We must design a future for our children that deserves the name future and brings new hope instead of mass expropriation of property, unemployment and the Big Brother who is watching you. Therefore we are writing a Mars Constitution that can be a prototype for all countries on the Planet Earth.

Ending economic slavery

We have to trust in the ability of our children, today’s  Generation App, to overcome all burdens with a smile in their faces, something todays bureaucrats are not able to generate anymore. We need new forms of direct participations because politicians are not representing the people, bankers are not acting in the benefit of their clients and managers are not acting for the benefit of their employees anymore. Today’s exploitation of the masses in 3rd world countries is the direct result of the dictatorship of multinational companies that rule our planet in the most undemocratic way imaginable. A direct representation of the employees and not seeing a company as a person but instead as a swarm with intelligent behavior can end the slavery of the masses which are underpaid in comparison to the overpaid golden parachute managers of multinational companies. Therefore also all companies need constitutions  to protect their employees worldwide from exploitation.

Collective Intelligence is emerging

When asked what Politicians, Bankers and Managers are representing today, we can say they are only representing themselves. Today’s societies are the most egoistic, narcissistic and exploitative in mankind’s history, despite the fact we still call some of these tyrannies democracies. “Houston we have an interface problem” here. Todays so-called Representative Democracies are Fraud Machines, otherwise the financial club of Banksters would not have overtaken our postmodern societies. Our postmodern societies based on ignorance and a freaky elite must be stopped from manipulating our citizens. Therefore all lobbyism should be forbidden by law and prosecuted. The system of political parties has also to be ended. A direct democracy does not need parties anymore, it needs platforms for the exchange of ideas and decision making. Our postmodern societies have finally to reinvent the way how to make decisions. Therefore we need an Eywa Moment in history as a pivotal point that leads to a redemocratization of systems that are not representing the power of the phallus but instead the power of collective intelligence. Real Democracy can only emerge if we reinvent our constitutions and our law system in favor of our people. Thomas Jefferson wanted us to take the red pill and escape the prison of the Matrix when he said that every generation has to take the necessary steps to improve our systems and the way we interact.