Gold dead?

The mainstream media says gold is dead now. Obviously that’s a great contrarian indicator. But despite all of the anti-gold propaganda recently, including today(Goldman Sachs short call), gold never took out the lows.Gold is not dead, it has simply put in a massive base which will act as the launching pad for this next move. 

Gold, silver, and other hard assets are the only way to deal with what is coming. Eric, I am bullish on gold. I can’t say it won’t dip again, but what you are seeing now are the kind of dynamic that develop which will set the stage for the real bull market in gold.

You can expect the same thing for silver. Silver has put in a larger base than gold and it will move quickly to $50.After silver breaks the $50 all-time high the sky is the limit.When we see silver in triple digits then we will all know that bull market is finally stampeding.”$500_Silver_%26_$8,000_Gold.html