Obama- War-President

At a time of world crisis brought on by a rapacious Russian dictator, whose threats of invasion of a sovereign nation and it's legitimate democractically elected government, have pushed all free peoples into peril, we must unite as Americans as we once again must face down evil and it's criminal attempts to spread it's evil into free lands. Now is the time, when the democratic process is under threat, America's democarcy is on the line, and we too are threatened by the dictatorship of Russia, this is the time to put aside the partisan politics of the great democratic institutions in Washington for the common good. Once America is united in the face of this peril to our freedom, we will stand as one behind our freely and openly elected leader of all the free world, President Obama. This struggle may cost treasure and soldiers blood, but we can not take one step back as we have appeased Russia's advances and threats for far too long. My appeal is for the good of freedom, deomcracy and our very security and our right to choose our leaders. Once Russia has finished attacking Crimea, they will move on to other innocent victims who seek only their free rights to their democratically elected government. If governments like Kiev's, elected by the people to serve the people, if these can be threatened by the dictator Putin, who grabbed power illegally at gun point, if we allow other free peoples to fall, then we are next. Your daughters raped, your freedoms stolen, your flag tampled in the dust. Your freedom from being spied on and your richly rewarding high paying jobs will be lost.

This war is just, we have stepped back again and again, but now we are in a corner from which we can no longer retreat. Obama, the War Department and our armed forces stand ready to defend us. All they want and need is our support and our money, they will do the rest. Freedom is not free, we must pay for our security in blood. Russia must be stopped now. So lets back Obama, call the White House and express your desire for a war of freedom and liberation. All Crimea awaits your voice, all of East and South Ukraine seeks your help as the jackbooted thugs of the Putin dictatorship march to crush the rights of man.

This message should move all freedom loving Americans. The EU is calling for your help at a grave crisis in the march of EU freedom, EU prosperity and EU liberty. I hear that Greeks are flocking to the military banners of NATO and Spain and Italy's people are donating money and enlisting in the NATO armies. This is a crusade of the only free nations left to stand up to Russia. EU and USA the call of freedom is upon us, on to war, on to victory and may god grant us our victory and the rescue of all we hold dear.

Obama is a war president, are you with him or against him? There is no middle ground, support the war, or show your true colors as a terrorist. Obama! USA! Obama! USA! Obama! USA!

What did you do during the great war of liberation daddy? Did you sit home and watch it on CNNand FOX, or did you fight for our liberty?