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Sorry, but this article is nothing but fear mongering propaganda.

Basically you're saying that you've watched extreme non-mainstream porn and because said non-mainstream porn was shocking, porn in general is bad. This is called sophistry.

But what really annoys me is, when you fabricate a cause-and-effect relationship between porn and felonies such as rape and murder with no proof whatsoever.

You mention reports by the NSPCC and the ATVOD. Both are... let's say questionable sources. The NSPCC is best known for its inglorious part in causing the 'satanic ritual abuse scandal'. A moral panic during the late 1980s and early 1990s which is exemplary for ignoring the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

The ATVOD aims to end online anonymity in order to fight porn.

You don't want your children to watch porn well here's a word of advice: parenting.