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Sergey Brin's Home Page

Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Stanford -


Currently I am at Google.

In fall '98 I taught CS 349.

Data Mining

A major research interest is data mining and I run a meeting group here at Stanford. For more information take a look at the MIDAS home

page or see the datamine maling list achive. Here are some recent publications:

  • Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web

    by Sergey Brin.
    We demonstrate a technique for extracting relations from the WWW based on the duality of patterns and relations. We experiment with it by extracting a relations of books. WebDB Workshop at EDBT '98 (postscript).

  • Dynamic Data Mining: A New Architecture for Data with High Dimensionality

    by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page.
    We describe a new architecture for data mining (sorry not yet available online). It makes use of some of the dynamic itemset counting technology described below.
    Work in progress. (postscript)

  • Scalable Techniques for Mining Causal Structures

    by Craig Silverstein, Sergey Brin, Rajeev Motwani, and Jeff Ullman.
    We address mining for causality, not just correlation in data.
    To appear in VLDB '98. (abstract , gzipped ps)

  • Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data

    by Sergey Brin. Rajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Ullman and Shalom Tsur.
    We present and algorithm for counting large itemsets faster than previous algorithms. We rely on partial results to guide the mining process.
    Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, pp. 255-264, Tuscon, Arizona, May 13-15 1997. (html , postscript, gzipped ps, bibtex)

  • Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations

    by Craig Silverstein, Rajeev Motwani, and Sergey Brin.
    Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, pp. 265-276, Tuscon, Arizona, May 13-15 1997. (abstract , gzipped ps, bibtex). Note a version of this paper has been submitted to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

  • For the above two papers, we used the following census data.

GoogleWorld Wide Web

Research on the Web seems to be fashionable these days and I guess I'm no exception. Recently I have been working on the Google search engine with Larry Page.


This project involved indexing multidimensional data for near-neighbor searches. The kind of applications I envision are identity comparisons, information finding, molecular biology, ...

  • Near Neighbor Search in Large Metric Spaces

    by Sergey Brin.
    We introduce a new data structure for near-neighbor searches which is well suited for high-dimensional or "large" metric spaces.
    VLDB '95 : proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, Zurich Switzerland, Sept.
    11--15, 1995, pp. 574-584, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1995.
    (postscript, html, bibtex )


I worked on a project with Hector Garcia-Molina involving automated detection of copyright violations. Together with James Davis (another Ph.D. student here), we developed COPS , the COpyright Protection System.



My photo collection.


I have found existing tools to convert LaTeX into HTML a little frustrating so I wrote my own simple tool which relies mostly on a LaTeX style file.

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Friends and Family

My Mom and Dad are on the WWW. My brother's elementary school is also online.

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