Smelling like a rose with $ billions in the pocket

It seems that neither investigation opened by the USA into the $ billion stolen from the National Bank, nor persistent rumor about the issue of his arrest warrant coming bother Moldovan politician and tycoon Vlad Plahotniuc.

This man can really pull the wool over everyone's eyes. The International Police built a case of financial frauds against this person as far back as 2007. However this criminal has taken over the entire country including its Prime Minister. Thus playing nice and using big words he had cadged a $1 billion tranche from the IMF and pocketed all the money committing "the world greatest bank robbery," which provoked mass protests in Moldova last year. At the same time Plahotniuc managed to run scams at US banks through figureheads embezzling money of American taxpayers. Furthermore his arm is long enough for getting rid of undesirable witnesses even when they've been abroad. Thus, a businessman Veaceslav Platon was arrested on backdated criminal charges in Ukraine after he told about Plahotniuc's frauds. Another whistleblower, Mihail Gofman, left for the USA in fear of his life.

Also this man of enterprise has preliminarily prepared a scapegoat. There is no other explanation why Plahotniuc's assistant and a crime partner Iaralov has been put on the wanted list by the USA, while the abusing his authority liar and thief general still stays immune. His media holding continues common Moldovans' brainwashing. These very T.V. channels were intimidating protesters with suppressions during the February disorders. And Vlad Plahotniuc has been continuing his MP's activities. Unlike his fellow nationals, he isn't afraid of the intimidating news about US threats of sanctions against him. There is another heading, "Vladimir Plahotniuc builds children's playgrounds" right under it. Indeed, spit in a whore's face and she'll say it's raining.