Dom`s laptop is in Iran - photos

Images from Dom`s laptop is in Iran. Pictures from a stolen Mac Book with a special software "Hidden App ": "The software gives you a latitude and longitude and it's supposed to be accurate up to two metres. I phoned them when it got the email and told them it was in Iran and they thought it was funny," he said. "I thought it'd be more local than that."Unfortunately, the police said that Iran was out of their jurisdiction 

Dom Deltorto returned to his north London flat, just off the Holloway Road, on February 4 to find he had been burgled and that his iPad and MacBook Pro were missing. Luckily, he had taken the time to install an application called Hidden App that would report back to him with the laptop's location and photographs taken on the built-in camera.

But for more than a month he heard nothing, until, on March 23 - his birthday - the software emailed to say that the laptop was in Iran's capital, Tehran. It also attached two images taken from the built-in camera, which appear to show a family who is now using it, framed by the built-in cupboards in a gloomy, windowless room.

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