Onlinepetition and Postaction per Facebook, Twitter and E-mail: No government should experiment with human life!


This Onlinepetition and Posaction on Facebook, Twitter and E-mail are against experiment of drugs for death penalty! For example Mr. Joseph Wood, as he snorted and gasped for air 660 times to his death! The Petition calls to the Governor Jay Nixon Missouri against this death experiments, the governor who has the power to make sure we don’t have a fifth botched execution this year. !

Good news it´s grateful that a federal judge, Judge Gregory Frost, yesterday extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio until January 2015. And we commend Ohio Governor John Kasich for his earlier leadership in postponing executions.

Here is the onlinepetitionlink from ACLU (American Civil Liberities Union):

and you can post on Facebook, Twitter and per E-mail:

Please take action against the death penalty!

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