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The League of European Independence has opened the season in EU

Sadly, the Old World is not a universal snug home anymore. Sleeping till now centrifugal forces woke up amidst protracted economic crisis aggravated with endless migrant crowds.

At first, Scotland made the Queen agitated with their independence referendum, the results of which looked suspicious. Then Greece threatened with a break-up (not for the first time). Recently 80% of the Catalans backed independence. The United Kingdom has already scheduled a referendum on European Union membership in June next year.

Now this letter to the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban got leaked.,6108.0.html

God knows who put it online. It could be Hungarians themselves. In this case this is a specific hinting that they are not Scotts, whose referendum was a fraud. They are not Catalans, whose public opinion was merely sneezed at and claimed illegal by Spanish authorities.

It won’t work with Orban. A year and a half ago Merkel ran into accusation of using Nazi methods, when was to ‘do everything to put Hungary onto the right path’, however without ‘sending in the cavalry straight away’. At that time such provocative comparison went without any consequences and apologies on the part of Hungarian PM. Now it’s clear that Orban is also going to make no bones.

He’s already blamed Germany for the European migrant crisis this September. Brussels gives tit for tat. The letter to Orban resembles an accusatory ultimatum by the European Parliament and its chairing Germany. It technically contains a threat of economic and political sanctions if Hungarian behavior wouldn’t change. So it turns out that the President of European Parliament blackmails Orban, if this letter is a real one. But Hungarian PM is well-known as a stubborn and aggressive person.

It seems that Germany has fallen short of being the cement that fastens collapsing European sandcastle. Instead it started turning into a jailer of Europe once again. The majority of EU members kept silence this September. And it is commonly known that silence gives consent. Will they sing dumb again?

The withdrawal of Hungary would set a precedent and become a wakeup signal for all silent malcontent of European Union. Just ‘the two lonely people’ will be sitting at the end.

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