Insider Message from Simon Black: “It’s All About Taking Action”

Insider Message from Simon Black: “It’s All About Taking Action”

<u>In this message</u> that Simon recorded for you recently he mentioned the value of having access to the right knowledge and to trusted contacts. 

If you ask F.J., one of our happy clients, that kind of access can be worth this much: 

"Everything I have left I owe to your guidance. Thanks again." 

And here's what another one of our clients have to say: 

"I have been researching the expat life for many years and I have found your information to be the most down to earth. I trust your site enough to recommend it to my mother." - B.L. 

And he's far from the only one spending years researching the expat life and trying to figure out the best ways to diversify internationally, whether it's where to open a foreign bank account, how to take control over your IRA and move it overseas, or the best and most free country to relocate to. 

If you could cut a full year or two off your learning curve so you could start taking action today and not a year from now, how much would that be worth to you? 



How about $795? 

That's what many of our clients have invested to pre-order the Offshore Tactics Workshop: Insider Kit, that will be released after our sold-out live event has been held here in Santiago, Chile at the end of March. 

This Insider Kit will cover it all. Citizenship, banking, gold storage, tax, legal, corporate structures, and investment opportunities from the four corners of the world. Agriculture. Real estate. Collectibles. Medical.History. Community. Privacy. So much more. 

If you'd like to hear more about how to become an insider, and what to expect, then listen to what Simon has to say now, because this time-sensitive invitation will expire tomorrow, Wednesday, at 23:59 EST

<u>Listen to Simon's message here</u> 

To your freedom, 
Sovereign Man 

P.S. As Simon has mentioned Jim Rogers is coming...but he's only the tip of the iceberg. You can wait with ordering until we reveal the full list of speakers, but chances are the price will have gone up by then. <u>Pre-order here today to lock-in your price</u>.