Ukraine: the Land of the Covenant or the Universal Concentration Camp


Unstable situation in North Africa and the Middle East, engineered by ‘colored’ revolutions, change of regimes in Iraq and Libya, civil war in Syria, ongoing acts of terror and uncontrollable extension of the terrorist Islamic State’s influence against the backdrop of extremely dismal humanitarian situation, has provoked, in fact, ‘a new wave of peoples’ migration’. Some 113 km from Italian island of Lampedusa to Tunisian coast cannot be a formidable obstacle for dozens of thousands refugees, who strive after peace and comfort in happy Europe even in spite of lethal risk to drown, being in rust-bucket.

Last year the total number of refugees who moved to European countries reached 150 thousand, and this year it is expected to be 200 thousand. Only in Libya there are about 1 million potential migrants who are waiting in the wings. The situation really goes out of control. The European Union agonizes over such influx of illiterate, hungry people with wild habits and traditions far-out from Europe.

And it is no mere chance that recent EU summit devoted sixfold part of time to refugees’ problem instead of attending to economic situation in Greece, which difficulties will soon pale into insignificance if Europe loses control over growing flow of migrants. Judging from news-media information, a certain middle ground has already found, but none of EU officials can make any specific statement of method of migration quotas’ allocation. Agreement on this question is planned to sign late July, but just now out-of-the-box, or more precisely, visible solution of this problem is offered to Brussels. Below is given a letter of Matthias Ruete, Director General of the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission, which was sent to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, immediately after the EU summit.

Kyiv pointedly tries to apple-polish the European Union. But can Ukraine’s leadership, proffered its help in the hope of additional investments and high-rate advance to the EU, really solve the refugees’ problem? Judging from the way how a check program for housing of an influx of those refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, who are expelled from the EU, is pursued, response to this question will be negative.

The idea to weight off the refugees’ problem to shoulders of neighbors devotedly hanging upon our lips and then to leave them out in the cold is rather attractive on the face of it. But this ain’t gonna cut it. The European Union will spend much more money in a bid to ensure migrants’ moving to Ukraine where officialdom has not become less corrupt yet (it is documented by Ruete’s words, too). Moreover, we must not forget about the rights of migrants themselves as some of them are already facing danger in the state with unformed truly democratic institutions, with widely used nationalist ideas and with making national heroes of those ones, who served on Hitler’s Germany and stained their hands with blood of millions of innocent people.

I’m beginning to think that everybody doesn’t give a hoot about refugees’ life although the blame for war unleashing under democratization’s pretext does not lie with them. And now they have to force a door of these notorious civilizers. With ease the EU officials are ready to spend millions of euros, taken from ordinary Europeans’ pocket in order to show own efficiency to the electorate while Ukrainian officials, who have been used to high living, simply need a gravy train, but who will hardly spend the money on refugees.

Well, there is no doubt that they’ll surely build some hovels for refugees, but the rest of funds will be distributed as it thinks fit. They’ve repeatedly done it. More importantly, camps for migrants can easily be turned into concentration camps with free manpower utilization and employment of children in keeping with the best traditions of the Third Reich. And what’s more, it’ll not be interest of anybody to have whole lot of mouths to feed, especially Negroes’ ones, toward whom local nationalists, dominated at political stage of Ukraine now, behave only negatively. It is evident that the living conditions established for them will be absolutely unbearable. And the faster workplaces will be vacated the more the EU will send migrants to Ukraine, and the more Kyiv will get money. It is worthy of note that Mr. Ruete knows very well about these problems as well as about financial aid stealing, but EU officials’ wish to do away with constantly growing army of migrants is too great. The question at issue is whether we are willing to get share on the blame for mass extinction of the delegated refugees with Kyiv’s nationalists.