USA: The embassy spy centre network - Berlin, Geneva, Brussels

GENEVA -  US consulate overlooking United Nations headquarters and legations has more than a full floor of electronic surveillance equipment.   Edward Snowden reportedly worked here while serving in the CIA.


GENEVA - Close up of US Consulate rooftop shows high tower with radio transparent panels to hide eavesdropping equipment, similar to those used in the British spy tower intercepting Irish communications (see main story)



BERLIN - The US Embassy in Berlin is next to the Brandenburg Gate and directly overlooks both the Bundestag (Federal Parliament)  and Angela Merkel’s Chancellery.  As reported by Der Spiegel (add hyperlink), the surveillance site on the Embassy roof (outline in red) has been used to target German government and business communications.   


BERLIN - The surveillance installation has two radio windows (marked by yellow arrow), with direct electronic “line of sight” to government and parliamentary buildings.



NICOSIA - The American Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus has more than half of its top floor dedicated to surveillance equipment with collection “sheds” above.


NICOSIA - The Russian Federation Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus has similar opaque and blanked off top floors to conceal and operate its own electronic monitoring.



SANA'A - The US Embassy in Sana’a, has a full floor of collection equipment behind radio-transparent panels, with a collection shed above.



STOCKHOLM - The US Embassy in east Stockholm is less than one kilometer from the Kaknästornet telecommunications and broadcasting building, at the heart of Sweden’s national communications system.   The surveillance shed on the roof has direct views to the tower (below).


STOCKHOLM- The Kaknästornet in Stockholm, Sweden, is run by Teracom - the country's state telecommunications company.



WARSAW - Surveillance shed is visible on top of the US Embassy in Poland.



Brussels - The US has been implicated in spying on the European Union and its institutions in Brussels, New York and Washington.   The surveillance facilities on the Brussels Embassy rooftop are a short distance from European Parliamentary institutions.