Ebola - a look behind the curtain

I have translated my german video on Ebola today and realized an english version. Feel free to share and spread it, if you can agree! You can watch it on Youtube and Vimeo. I'm not a native speaker and my english is very rusty - the video is not perfect. But I couldn't resist in making a comment on Ebola using an international language. I'm investigating virtual pandemics and their molecular-biological tricks since 1998, it's always the same old story. Maybe I'd better buy shares of certains pharmaceutical companies, than making film clips upon the backgrouds...


Ebola – Field trial in Genetic engineering by Pentagon?

5 years after the fake with the swine flu: The World Health Organization WHO beats alarm: A fatal virus again threatens the world, this time it is called Ebola. Learn about the persons and facts behind the courtain, follow the money! The whole story may sound like a conspirational theory, but it is REAL!

The german original version is here.