Online Petition for Syrian refugees


Here I want to show the online petitions for Syrian refugees.

Here is a onlinepetition from

and direct from onlinepetitionswebsite form "helpsyriasrefugees":

There are already unfortunately too many victims to complain since the long civil war!

This demand the onlinepetition:

"We demand immediate international airlifts to rescue the people in Syria."

And here is the aims for the petition from their website "helpsyriasrefugees":

- Reunite families torn apart by crisis

Many families are divided by the war in Syria. Flight leaves families split, often leading to prolonged separation. Others, with family members in Europe, find themselves trapped in the midst of the crisis, prevented from reuniting with loved ones by complex visa and administrative procedures.

European leaders must work to reunite divided families, helping them to easily join loved ones in Europe. Family members should not be subjected to lengthy and difficult administrative processes.

- Give refugees a safe way into Europe

Refugees have very few possibilities to travel to Europe safely and legally. Those who want to get to Europe put their lives in the hands of smugglers or face life-threatening journeys.

European leaders must provide greater access to Europe for Syria’s refugees by relaxing visa restrictions, significantly increasing resettlement places above and beyond current national quotas and offering other forms of admission through embassies in the region.

- Protect refugees arriving at Europe’s borders

Lives are in danger at Europe’s doorstep. Many refugees risk death attempting the treacherous journeys by land or by sea, only to be sent straight back as soon as they reach Europe’s borders.

European leaders must put an end to all push-backs at the borders and ensure that people in distress are rescued. The people who survive the journey to Europe must be humanely treated and their need for protection must be fairly assessed. 

Please take Action!

- Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany