Your signature for Peace and Justice in this World!

Currently demonstrations for peace, freedom of press and a new monetary system are taking place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every monday people gather in about 60 cities for vigils, which are founded by Lars Mährholz, a "ordinary" skydiver. Right now there is a agitation/hunt against the vigils and Lars Mährholz by the mainstream media and some private persons(e.g. Jutta Ditfurth), proclaiming, that this ordinary skydiver without any politicial background before the vigils is a radical right-winged, anti-semitic esoteric! So, if you want to support us, please inform yourself about it very well, there are some videos on youtube with subtitles(you dont have to speak german! ) and if you too think, that this system is about to crash and we need peace and a new finanical and monetary system to build a new society, then please sign this. :)

The original language of the petition is german, but you can change the language in the upper right corner of the site!