$72.8 Trillion: Deutsche Bank Biggest Derivative Exposure In The World

While the vast majority may be left with the impression that JPMorgan's mindboggling $69.5 trillion in gross notional derivative exposure as of Q4 2012 may be the largest in the world, they would be surprised to learn that that is not the case. In fact, the bank with the single largest derivative exposure is not located in the US at all, but in the heart of Europe, and its name, as some may have guessed by now, is Deutsche Bank. - €55,605,039,000,000. Which, converted into USD at the current EURUSD exchange rate amounts to $72,842,601,090,000....  Or roughly $2 trillion more than JPMorgan's.

What is the size of the rubble pile then?

All the ordinary people who make money to pay their bills have collectively become trivial compared to those who could make money out of nothing to gamble with. The irony is that is supposed to be the same money! The dollars ordinary people work for to buy bread are inside the context of millions of dollars more, made out of nothing by banksters to gamble with over the future price of bread!

The banksters are on a qualitatively different race track, surrounding the rat race that ordinary people are on! Legalized counterfeiting, to feed legalized gambling with that money made out of nothing, is running around the shrinking reality of ordinary people, in ways that makes everything ordinary relatively trivial in comparison!

Poof, another trillion units, made out of nothing, then used to leverage up bets of even more trillions of units, while everybody else operates in orders of magnitude less. Poof, and the money to buy a billion cars, or a million houses, gets made out of nothing! Poof, and money made out of nothing gets leveraged up to the point where the total of the money made out of nothing "accounts" for more than 10 planet Earths, beyond the one and only real planet Earth that ordinary people are living on ...

This all tracks back to its fundamental basis, which is that the fraud is backed by force. The global electronic fiat money system is backed by atomic bombs. Since atomic bombs can theoretically kill the whole planet Earth many times, the electronic "money" was also able to go beyond worth more than many planet Earths combined.

It was always a combined money/murder system, which went electronic and atomic, so that trillions and trillions of electronic units of money could be created out of nothing, and allowed to be gambled with, because the ONLY thing backing that up is the REAL ability to kill almost everyone over and over and over again ... to some similar trillions of times!

Therefore, it a very interesting question to ask what will this runaway system of astronomically amplified force backed frauds finally collapse down to, since, inside of that context, all the lives of all the ordinary people are represented by relatively trivial amounts of money, to measure their realities, while the world of banksters making money out of nothing to gamble with is many orders of magnitude greater!

Everything that I have ever worked for during my whole life is practically nothing, compared to what the banksters can create out of nothing, at the push of a button on their computers, and that is the same for almost everyone else. All the cars and houses, and everything else in the real economy, that people can see and touch, have become practically nothing inside of the context of the gambling being done via banksters, with the SAME MONEY, made out of nothing, to use to gamble with, that ordinary people have to use to pay their bills and taxes with.

Collectively, this delusional, globalized, yet privatized, system of a state religion built on faith-based money, backed by the collective power of all the governments' police and military forces, to back up the high priests of the financial world, to make more and more faith-based fiat money out of nothing, to gamble with, IS backed up by the REALITY that those governments' armed forces DO have enough fire power kill almost everyone many, many times over and over, and so ... that has "sustained" the gambling with more and more money made out of nothing, until the money made out of nothing operates a surreal video game world where that money made out of nothing is orders of magnitude greater than everything physically real that it could actually buy.

As far as I can tell, pretty well everything now operates in that way, where the leverage ratios are utterly unbalanced, and as insane as having an overwhelming abundance of weapons of mass destruction, constantly ready to commit global omnicide. For instance, there is supposed to be 100 times more "paper gold" than there is actual physical gold, and so that goes, on and on, throughout every other aspect of what our current electronic "money" gambling casinos have allowed each other to runaway doing ...

Therefore, one has to ask (although there are NO known answers) WHAT happens to a global system which has generally leveraged itself to become throughout roughly 100 fantasy units to 1 actual unit, wherein all the ordinary people represent the 1, while the banksters' world represents the 100?

All the ordinary people now combined, considering everything they actually do, have become less than 1% of the world of electronic money made out of nothing, which has become 100 times bigger ...  and that insanity has no other way to continue to operate than to grow towards becoming 1,000 times bigger, and so on, and so on ... Everywhere I look I see a similar ratio regarding the degree to which our current civilization is unbalanced to a degree of 100 to 1, headed towards being unbalanced to a degree of 1,000 to 1. That includes our political processes, which are similarly unbalanced, and therefore, impossible to imagine being able to resolve their problems!

So ... how does this end ??? I continue to see nothing less than genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law, finally wiping out the majority of ordinary people, if, or when, there is ever something which short-circuits between the actual world that ordinary people are living in, and the fantasy world that the banksters have been able to build with money made of out nothing, which somehow is still supposed to be related to the collateral in that actual world that ordinary people are living in. The banksters' fantasy world has the SAME MONEY flowing through it as does the ordinary world of actual people, BUT, the banksters video game cybercasino world of money made out of nothing used to gamble with has become roughly 100 times bigger, and is headed towards becoming 1,000 times bigger, in order to keep its systems going.

Since that system is electronic frauds, backed by atomic force, it has been able to become amplified billions, then trillions, and now quadrillions of times, while its absurd leverage ratios have been able to leave behind the physical realities of collateral, in the ordinary world of the economy, where people can see and touch things, that they can therefore comprehend ... to become something that only very abstract mathematics can barely intellectually imagine.

Although the seeds of this go back thousands of years, and there have been regenerations of this sort of thing again and again ... at present, I trace what exists now back to the beginning of the Bank of England, where it happened that that private bank was given the legal power by the government to issue paper for metal 50% more than the metal which physically existed. Thus, we started with the legalized fraud of fractional reserve banking, with a ratio of merely 2 to 1. Two units of fiat paper "money," for every units of actual existing physical money, which ran away faster and faster, as the empire of fraud, backed by force, was able to grow and grow, staking claims all over the world, and backing up those claims with violence.

Again, there were seeds of that in America, that were planted, uprooted, and replanted ... however, since the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, there has been a continuous process of more and more money made out of nothing, used to be able to gamble with. That maybe started with a ratio of 10 to 1 ... however, in practice, that soon spread out and diversified until it became about 100 to 1, which is intrinsically headed towards attempting to become 1,000 to 1.

The ordinary people in the physical world gradually had their lives more and more taken over by the fantastic fantasies of the banksters, who were legally able to create more and more money out of nothing, as long as the borrowers promised to repay, so that that money made out of nothing still had some relationship to the real world. However, that relationship of the collateral, which was supposed to connect the real economy to the gambling casino, or the financial video game world, ran away, faster and faster, until we are at the point in history where the combined collateral is less than 1% of the banksters' bets, which are leveraged on top of that collateral.

Meanwhile, those political processes of the methods of organized crime totally taking control over the powers of sovereign states, in order to back up the banksters frauds with the legalized violence done by governments, to enforce the banksters' legalized lies, has been matched by the People being turned into Zombie Sheeple, who do not understand, and do not want to understand what the banksters are doing.

That enables this sort of insane competition to manifest, where old rivals have their banksters attempt to out do each other. Thus, today, the Anglo-American (Zionist) empire of banksters finds that German banksters, or Chinese or Japanese banksters, are giving them a run for their "money" being made out of nothing, to be gambled with, in a race towards ... INDEED, TOWARDS WHAT???