What has the NATO StratCom COE in Latvia been involved in?

The NATO StratCom has been busy with issuing such proxy notes. Just look, it's adorable,

Now it has become clear who is the Ukraine's expert adviser general on information and diversionary warfare.

The thing that is still vague is the document purpose. Ukrainians had been shock working at all its points well before these guidelines issued by their NATO sponsors. They have been easily recognizable at any news site, for the Ukrainian coach-based Forces are the most ignorant of all those writing commentaries at the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Washington Post, and any other official editions. They even manage to write with a noticeable Eastern-Slavic accent. At the same time they follow closely all topics mentioned in this note.

It seems that this document has been produced with the only purpose to justify the Alliance' investments into the work of such good-for-nothing unit as the NATO StratCom in Latvia. It doesn't contain any news or constructive solutions of Ukrainian domestic and foreign political problems. On contrary, there is an open goading into illegal unsavoury sabotage attacks, which could just worsen the plight of Kiev.

At least they offer rapid development of the Ukrainian paper making industry. The third paragraph of the part for creation information support on the internal political front runs about issuing a vast number of propaganda leaflets. Such phrases as "dissemination of information" and "reproduction of materials" also involve 'vintage' ways of the information warfare. Here V1 leaflets come to mind, which Germany poured on the heads of Allies in the UK, Belgium and Holland during the WWII. At once the Pierian spring of the StratCom has been found.