Ecuador Foreign Ministry; CIA fraud Julian Assange abusing London embassy

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana, Quito, Ecuador
in care of His Excellency Carlos Jativa, Ambassador, Paris, France,
and the Consulate of the Republic of Ecuador, Avenue Louise 363, Brussels, Belgium

Re: Regrettable certainty that Julian Assange remains active CIA asset, abusing hospitality of London Ecuador Embassy, for CIA programme of media deception and control, CIA murders and war-making, CIA crushing of truth and genuine dissidents

Attached files:
Report to SVR, FSB, Moscow, Russia 'Snowden Greenwald Assange are CIA frauds pt1'
EU police file on CIA Wikipedia fraud, CIA-Google-US media control crimes

Your Excellency Ambassador Jativa, diplomats of Ecuador, and government of the honoured and noble Presidente Rafael Correa,

With the supporting documents to this letter - including an intelligence agency file with Russia's SVR and FSB security agencies - I transmit to you the tragic truth that the eccentric resident you have been sheltering in the London Embassy, Julian Assange, remains an active asset of America's CIA - just as is Edward Snowden in Russia, as our Russian friends now know very well. You may wish to consult with Russia in addressing this CIA scheme.

Assange and the CIA have deceived and abused the government of Ecuador and its facilities, in order to conduct a long, complex operation of CIA media domination in support of many CIA purposes, including CIA war-making and murder, which has spilled much human blood in Syria and Ukraine. I realise this is shocking for you.

Assange is not what he seems, but rather the opposite, part of the CIA's 'Operation Fake Dissident', and what he and Snowden have been achieving is terrorisation and murder, principally by serving to legitimise CIA-tied media spreading CIA-Nato lies. The success of Assange in deceiving the government of Ecuador, was the prelude for 'Ed Snowden'.

If you consider the evidence in these files carefully, the entire situation will be clear to you, despite the superficial appearance these are 'dissidents' with 'stolen files'. Actually, many commenters on websites, are already laughing about how Assange and Snowden are quite obviously CIA frauds. 'Wikileaks' were CIA-selected, and Snowden never 'stole' anything.

The purposes of Ecuador were admirable and noble, and I especially appreciate them as I am a genuine dissident and refugee from the USA . I am a Harvard classmate of top US leaders, an expert on US court corruption, and I barely escaped out of America alive. Shortly after I first took refuge in Europe, I received a very encouraging call from a personal representative of the late Presidente Hugo Chávez of Venezuela - God bless his soul - and I still cherish the memory of that call. I know you gave refuge to Assange in that same spirit - but, very sadly, Ecuador has been totally deceived, just like much of the world.

Ecuador's mistake is trusting the Anglo CIA-tied media, these totally corrupt lying CIA-tied companies, New York Times, UK Guardian, and so on - as to who is a US dissident. As you will see, these media tell lies to silence, censor and murder genuine dissidents, while pumping and promoting CIA agents like Snowden and Assange. Indeed, the instant global hype from CIA media about Snowden and Assange, made it obvious that they were both CIA frauds, US-hired actors and liars playing a game - a clever game, but still a game.

In brief, regarding the fraud of CIA asset Julian Assange, to introduce the wider material in the attached two files.

-- The 'Wikileaks' were CIA-edited and controlled. You will notice that overall, the 'Wikileaks' were much more disturbing and embarrassing to other countries than to the USA (or US top client Israel), with the overall goal of encouraging global governments to support censorship, and also to trust CIA-Anglo media. Yes, Wikileaks were salted with some 'truth' but this is the propaganda-master technique the USA took over from Nazi Germany, to mix truth with lies. That trick is also the trick of the CIA's Wikipedia project.

-- Anglo media and US lawyers for Assange and Snowden, are the same CIA-tied entities long deceiving people while supporting the most disgusting crimes of the US regime.

-- Yes the Swedish 'rape charges' are fake, but so is Assange's London situation. UK laws offer the world's easiest extradition to the USA - no evidence is needed! - but the US did not seek to grab their CIA boy Assange. The Swedish 'game' was just to wind down CIA-Wikileaks, see if they could deceive a country like Ecuador, and set up for 'Snowden'.

-- Assange and Snowden are cold or actively insulting and hostile to real dissidents. For example, Assange grossly insults anyone who does not believe the absurd US gov story about 11 Sep 2001 - which no serious person believes. Assange insults the thousands of architects, engineers, US military and intelligence veterans, who continually describe how the 'official story' is a fraud. Assange insults dissident heroes - like Latin American William Rodriguez, brave rescuer of many victims on 11 Sep 2001, the 'Last Man Out' alive from the collapsing buildings. Mr Rodriguez rejected offers of fame and fortune, because he refused to be silent about how the US gov story is a lie. Assange wants to silence him and others.

-- Assange and Snowden save their praise for a 'CIA contractor love club', giving lies and oily praise for CIA media whom they know are involved in crimes of US terrorism, molesting of children's bodies, and the silencing, banning and defaming of real dissidents.

-- Some weeks ago, as Ecuador's London Embassy can verify, Assange was given a file giving him legal tools to win his freedom in Europe. It was a final 'test' to prove Assange is a CIA liar and faker. Proving himself a CIA agent who WANTS to abuse Ecuador, Assange refused to respond, and he and Snowden only escalated their lying for CIA media and CIA friends.

The enclosed two intelligence agency and police files, give many more details about the CIA's 'Operation Fake Dissident, Assange - Snowden'. After your careful investigation along with our Russian partners, you will see it is well past time for Assange to leave your London Embassy, when he will re-join his CIA friends for a laugh about their long CIA game.

Very respectfully yours,

Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs

- Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;

- Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and CIA media control, author of articles now 'erased' from the internet, with websites illegally blocked by CIA-Google, and continuously defamed and slandered by CIA-Wikipedia and associated extortionists, racists, and murderers working for America's top political families;

- Author, 'America's Corrupt Legal System - A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents'; Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation'; 'Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption';

- Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States, facing down terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cower in fear before bribed US judges;

- Former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher; now a target of US threats of terrorist political murder, perhaps soon dead;

- Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty;

- Polish and EU citizen with the heritage of Jews of Warsaw uprising resistance, and Poland's Renaissance culture of tolerance; now of Asian spirituality seeing the divine in animals, nature, and the Asian pathways of dharma and the dao;

- Brussels, Belgium, photo chronicler of 'Historic Brussels' and martyrs of anti-Nazi resistance interred at the Ereperk der Gefusilleerden - Enclos des Fusillés; beneficiary of European and Belgian protection against criminal acts of the Americans.

* * * * *

This report is published by the Jewish community of Flanders, as part of response to criminal attacks and internet hoaxing by the US government and its partners, against a Jewish victim living in our territory