The frantic scramble of financial institutions

Europe's refugee crisis escalated when Greece voted against further austerity measures. The coincidence is striking. In May, the month before the vote, approximately 26.000 refugees entered Germany. In July, the month after the vote, it had already increased to 38.000, since then a further speedup took place. The same number of people now arrives every two days.

The vote in Greece showed clearly that the people do not longer tolerate the suffocating grip of a rogue financial system. The exit strategy had to be accelerated.

Banks, politicians and mass media have had plenty of time to solve the "old" financial crisis back in 2008. They loudly announced it as "solved". People would not take the unavoidable collapse of the euro system lightly. They would inquire and demand severe punishments. Therefore an external scapegoat-reason is needed. Some massive diversion and a legal loophole for big banking institutions.

Such a loophole exists. It is called Force Majeure. With invoking that rule all contracts are essentially null and void. No liabilities whatsoever. No deposit protection.

Under German law Force Majeure can be called upon in strikes, sabotage, revolution, civil war and "civil disturbance".

And here is how these very circumstances are created while you read this:

Last months

A gigantic number of refugees is transported into the country. Traffickers are practically legal. Even the German navy itself is used to bring people in. Refugees are housed in a way to maximizes provocation of both the German population as well as the refugees themselves, everything is done to ensure an escalation: Small towns and villages are flooded with people (up to ten times of the German population numbers). Refugees often have to be housed in tents due to their sheer numbers, the extreme cold of German winters puts the fear of death into them. Meanwhile residential areas of left-wing voters are kept clear to keep them ignorant of their fellow citizens problems.

To make this possible all appearing problems and all criticism is ferociously put out by mass media outlets. Whoever speaks up has to fear for his job and even his life. Daily situation reports of police departments are sugarcoated, if not outright lies. Ridiculous Nazi actors are presented in talk shows to discredit all grass root civil movements.
As a preparation for peoples minds the term "civil war" suggestively appears in all newspapers. Presented not from higher ups, no, but from hard working crisis helpers or mayors of villages.

Please note: The mass media had been instrumental in enabling the euro debacle and hiding its real scope. They fear to be prosecuted or "be harmed" as much as politicians do.

The coming events

Freezing temperatures will radicalize refugees, mass media and politicians continue to agitate left-wing extremists against distressed residents. And more and more asylum seekers, including the occasional terrorist, are stuffed into the country. There will be riots and assassinations, done by either of the three groups: Right extremists, left extremists, asylum extremists.
Mass media is adamant to further escalate the situation by avoiding honest dialogue and rationality. There is no direct war mongering. They hope for the people to just flip out on their own. It's a simple pressure cooker strategy.

The end

When civil war is starting in earnest people will recognize the financial mafia as initiators of the wave of refugees. The euro collapse takes place. People come to their senses and understand they have been pitted against each other deliberately.
War mongering and financial exploitation are recognized as inherent ingredients of fiat money. Politicians, experts, managers and their supporting journalists with their hands in this are arrested.

Barter trade, use of precious metals and a renewed sense of community establishes an economical and social system. Enabling lives worth living.


It seems that a high German politician is ready to enact a Europe wide civil war, to cover up the true reason of the biggest financial disaster in human history. All mass media outlets are in the game, preferring chaos over having their schemes exposed.
Meanwhile banks and life insurance companies concentrate on keeping the lowest possible profile.

Well, cheers!

Please share, link, re-post and print this article. Tell your neighbors what's happening over here. The insidious game ends as soon as a wide majority of world citizens understand what's happening.

To give you an even bigger picture: You might have noticed that quite some large corporations use loans to buy back shares this year. This is a weird strategy. But it absolutely makes sense if they expect Force Majeure to be invoked and the banks to be wiped out globally. They wouldn't have to pay back on the loans, ever. When a new monetary system starts, they sell this shares again for the fresh currency.

What happens to credit default swaps, COMEX contracts, bank deposits, custody accounts in such an event? I don't know, but I am ready to bet all contracts will be broken, the population left with next to nothing. Some people have wondered why stocks soar on bad news recently. Well, sensible investors sell on bad market outlook. Insiders on the global fraud scramble to buy those shares, fueled by interest-free central bank money. Those few insiders want to own all corporations when the banks go down - and reinstate feudalism.