Online petition against slavery in Uzbekistan - this week (calendar week 28) will be the Protest action delivery for the time being!


Online petition against slavery in Uzbekistan

This time I want to show an online petition (by walk free).

Daewoo has continued doing business in Uzbekistan even after publicly acknowledging that the Uzbek government uses forced labour to produce the cotton it buys and processes.

The Petition call on south korea company Daewoo to send a strong message to the Uzbek government that forced labour cannot continue by:

  • stopping operations in Uzbekistan until the International Labour Organization has verified this practice has ended.
  • publicly pledging its opposition to the Uzbek government’s forced labour system

(text from walk free)

Here is the onlinepetition from walkfree:

And a similar action by

There are already came to some deaths.

In July (calender week 28!) would like to send free walk all the signatures of the online petition to the head office of the company Daewoo in Seoul (South Korea).

In Addittion can you sent a Protest-Photo to walkfree, walkfree sent the protestphoto with a protestart piece:

Here’s how you can take part: (from walkfree)

1. Find an old cotton item around the house that you no longer need -- it could be a T-shirt, a pillow case, a towel -- or any other everyday item that contains cotton.
2. Add your message. You could write your own message with pen, or arrange these items in the shape of an image -- use your imagination! If you’re struggling to know what to write, why not keep it simple -- something like ‘Slavery still exists in Uzbekistan’ or ‘Daewoo profits from forced labour in Uzbekistan’.
3. Take a picture of your cotton creation (even better if you are in the photo!) and share it on Facebook or Twitter, remembering to include the phrase #EndCottonSlavery. If you are not on Facebook or Twitter please email your photo to

We’ll use these photos on Facebook and Twitter to encourage even more people to add their name to this petition -- we want as long a list as possible to handover to Daewoo next week.

We know you care about this issue -- as we get ready to meet Daewoo it’s vital we keep up the momentum and use new, creative ways to pressure the company to use its influence in Uzbekistan to help end forced labour in the cotton fields there.

Patrick Steinhuber-94496 Ortenburg - Germany