Syria WAR: "Always remember that what goes around, comes around later to bite even worse."

"Always remember that what goes around, comes around later to bite even worse."

And know, that this is a different deal than most other warmongering. Most of these heartless evil political slaves have seats in the undergrounds, so they do not care about the populations of the earth. They know full well that they are pushing hells button of Armageddon. Too bad it will kill them eventually also, and a lot sooner if they keep pushing for this Act of War.

Here is a question that should be asked of every single one of these evil cretins from the burrows of the darkest hole in hell: If you all have supported this war on terror for over ten years, and this really IS a war on terror that all you all obviously profited handsomely from, then why is America supporting, training, and financing the Al-Qaeda in Syria to overthrow another legitimate government? Shame on you all for supporting this war on terror for over ten years. How darn stupid do you think We The People are seeing this phoney war on terror, and now we see you all are saying you want to be the Al-Qaeda Air Force and go in and support them with US Marines on the ground? WTF over??

Is that what you are saying in this vote to go bomb innocent Syrians in Syria? First we are at war on terrorism, and Al-Qaeda is the enemy of America, but now we support terrorism in Syria and Al-Qaeda is our ally? Everybody knows this not a sarin gas attack was just another failed false flag event, and that there is more evidence to support this than the made up lies and deceptions from a known enemy of America that has a long track record of instigating wars using deception, and false flag events to gain and profit from for the rottenchild empire of stupid is as stupid does slaves in the dust. Any third grader can determine WHO exactly is responsible by simply viewing all the u-tube videos about it all. There is more truth there than the babylonians can create, or crush down. Just like here on ZH.

If this world has come to this kind of pure out right insanity and the lunacy of accepting all these lies from the garbage hellacious evil god-dammed lame stream media and corrupted to the bottom of the barrel core wicked lying politicians like these above, then it is a lost and dying breed we ALL are. To allow this madness to continue is a group suicide. A Specie Suicide. Any idiot that supports yet MOAR WAR, is just plain ol evil crazy, drugged out, not human, and way too insane to even be listened to.

If you even care at all for YOUR future, or the futures of any of your family or friends, you better get off the couch and call, write, fax, email, or go visit in person all the congress critters you possibly can and let them know you in no way support any kind of acts of war against innocent Syria. Let them know you are strongly opposed to ANY kind of actions there and you want America to stop supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria right now! Tell them, there are things like the Patriot Act and NDAA that is supposed to be in place for people who support terrorist groups or organizations associated with known terrorist groups.

Help us ALL God...World-Wide.


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