Lunatic Joe

‘Zionist’ Kiev Flies to the European Far Right for Support


Current meltdown in world financial markets, presaging global financial crisis, complete with ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, engineered super large scale movement of population from problem regions, as well as, feasible domestic opposition in Ukraine will necessarily lead to tipping the balance of forces between main political movements in Europe.

Systemic financial and economic problems together with totalitarian panic, caused by great stream of refugees, plays mainly into the hands of nationalist organizations, whose status may only store up own positions in the short term. Global economic recession results in collapse of current European Cabinets and crossover success in neo-Nazis’ coming to power as day by day their ideas win recognition of growing number of supporters in the Old World. Europeans assimilate radical ideas because of uncontrollable escalating social tensions and total disability of liberal leadership in most states to sacrifice principles of non-viable ideology for survival of Western society in principle.
In today’s situation of ‘interregnum’ those new regimes that strive for integration into Euro-Atlantic structures, have to swim between present and future masters: I mean, between official liberalism, multiculturalism and Brussels’ tolerance and more congenial for them souls, such as the European Far Right. It is extremely characteristic that now top officials of the very Ukrainian state are purposefully and successively forging relationships with national socialists of Europe.

For instance, in August Ukrainian president’s godfather, pluralistically Minister of Information Policy, Yuriy Stets, held a private meeting with those, whom one includes with so-called ‘White Nationalists’ in Sweden. What was the conversation subject remains to be seen. But in a few days during Ukraine’s government session Mr. Stets mentioned media’s prepossession towards the Right. Shortly before it many mass media outlets disseminated information about Swedish neo-Nazis’ participation in ATO in south-east of Ukraine.

It stands to mention that in these latter days Yuriy Stets is not alone in Ukrainian top branches of power, who builds up relationship with representatives of European nationalist associations. In fact, just in 2015 contacts with members of far-right organizations were established by Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Serhiy Kvit, who for some reason or other met with Lily-Black leaders in Greece then; Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Pavlo Rozenko, who welcomes representatives of Hungarian radical nationalist party Jobbik; and the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Borys Lozhkin, declaring that he has a lot of like-minded people among the Romanian New Right.

In the way of developing such kind of contacts Kiev has a great mind to do away with the ‘Zionist regime’ label, assigned to it by the European Far Right because of too close cooperation with the USA, Brussels and International Financial Institutions, ‘controlled by Jewish lobby’. Kiev also tries to get political establishment of neighboring states to resign their claims for some Ukrainian territories, to ensure inflow of European mercenaries with combat experience to Ukrainian voluntary battalions, as well as, to restrict European Right’s support for radical nationalists in the very Ukraine.

The matter is that Dmytro Yarosh’s Right Sector, Andriy Biletsky’s Patriot of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda of Oleh Tyahnybok and other less known neo-Nazi organizations are in specific repute with this state’s leadership in spite of their recurrent conflicts with power like the very events, involving Mukacheve. On the one hand, these structures are trusted to shed blood in a holy cause of Ukrainian state’s unity. On the other hand, their access to power is fully blocked at both national and regional levels. If Poroshenko’s entourage closes onto itself the cooperation with European right-wing forces, Yarosh and Tyahnybok will be definitively isolated. And in prospect official Kiev will have ground for close cooperation with EU countries when in new political environment nationalists of all sorts, most likely, will be back to power.