Freedom in exchange for stability. The Kurds will get independence.

Independent Kurdistan, the worst nightmare of Erdogan, is going to become reality in the short run. Many mass media outlets point directly to this while testing the public opinion on the issue of another reshaping of the Middle East political map.

The Telegraph [1],[2],[3] and JTA [1],[2],[3] have published series of articles under the high-sounding titles on future independence of Kurdistan. Bild and Die Welt in Germany, the Sun and Mirror Online in Great Britain, Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post in Israel echo them.

Mainstream mass media show all the seriousness of the major world players set firm to establish the secular Kurdish state to serve, along with Israel, a foothold preventing the Middle East region from sliding into religious fundamentalism and obscurantism.

It's worth noting that on the web sites of the above mentioned mass media outlets the articles on the Kurdish issue are usually posted at prime-time to be deleted two or three hours later. This is the most widely known method of exploring the public opinion when during the minimal time interval the reaction of the maximum number of respondents is checked.

Sociologists believe that the initial reaction is the most sincere one thus being of the biggest value in identifying the popular sentiments on this or that issue.