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  • Want to know where the most absurdly cheap property bargains are on the European continent, and who to contact?
  • I’m talking about beautiful luxury properties that are selling for less than the cost of construction… and they throw in acreage for FREE.
  • How about which bank in Hong Kong is one of the only ones still selling gold to non-account holders? And where is it easiest to open an account?
  • Want to know how you can get residency in Spain by proving a monthly income of less than $3,000, plus which TRUSTED lawyer to contact?
  • Are you considering renouncing US citizenship and divorcing yourself from the greedy and intrusive Uncle Sam? Want the advice of a seasoned lawyer with 20+ years of experience helping people do so—AND get a discount for his services?
  • Do you want to know how you can obtain a second passport from one of the wealthiest places in the world?

This is just a sample of highly actionable intelligence that Sovereign Man: Confidential members have received only in the PAST MONTH.

Members also receive profitable investment recommendations to deploy their capital prudently in an environment of constant risk.

In the last month, we close yet another successful trade for a quick 25% profit. This was for a company that was selling for less than its net cash value, so by comparison it was a low-risk investment.

In the month of September we also launched a new service exclusively for SMC members that enables US taxpayers to set up a self-directed IRA structure faster and cheaper than just about anywhere else.

You’ll find many other places often charging THOUSANDS of dollars for this service.

We designed and built our own service using proprietary software to streamline and optimize the process, delivering savings of up to 86.1% for SMC members.

A self-directed IRA structure is a no-brainer solution to open up your savings to a world of opportunity and protect them from a bankrupt US government.

Why invest in plain vanilla options of mutual funds, stocks and bonds that are all at an all time high, when you can deploy your retirement savings overseas and do such things as:

  • Buy foreign property for investment purposes
  • Buy gold and silver and store it overseas
  • Open an offshore brokerage account and invest or trade in equities worldwide
  • Ship your retirement savings abroad and hold them in a much safer foreign bank
  • Invest in private businesses, such as early stage startups, or buy a part of a more mature business

These are all options that are available with a self-directed IRA structure. The world truly is your oyster. Most of the time it’s also actually cheaper than having your retirement funds managed by a big financial institution that doesn’t care about your return anyway.

This exclusive self-directed IRA solution alone will more than repay your investment in Sovereign Man: Confidential immediately.

We also released our quarterly Black Paper for SMC members that goes into in-depth detail about setting up an e-commerce business overseas.

It covers topics such as: where to incorporate your business; where to put your servers; where to park your domain and where to host it; where and how to set up your credit card processing; where to set yourself up personally etc.

This is all information and content covered JUST IN THE LAST MONTH.

If you act on just one piece of advice that we deliver regularly in Sovereign Man: Confidential, it will more than cover the entire investment in the alert service.

Not to mention, you’ll know that you have taken important steps to secure your savings and your family’s livelihood.

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